Accounts Receivable

Improving Order to Cash Process & Nullifying Revenue Leakages


Accounts receivable (AR) are an asset account on the balance sheet that represents money due to a company in the short term and it is very important for any organization to manage its Accounts receivable functions since ultimately the outcome of AR management impacting the cash-flow and working capital status of the organization.

AR Solutions by Storch

Accounts receivable solutions from Storch helps organization in optimizing the cash-flow management, ensuring sufficient availability of working capital, identifying the revenue leakage areas, bridging gaps leading to such harmful leakages, ensuring synchronization between sales team and finance team, simplifying the complex reporting of AR functions.

Revenue Management

Revenue accounting

Minimizing the revenue ageing

Drafting plan for Order to Cash management

Customer Account Reconciliation

Receivable Query management system

Outsourcing of Revenue follow-up functions

Industry specific Guidance Note on Revenue

Identifying Revenue leakages

The basic AR workflow process

Accounts Receivable process depends organization to organization. It depends upon the factors like nature of business i.e. whether company is dealing in product delivery or a service industry, demographic factors, location of the plant etc.

However, a basic/general AR function includes activities starting from Sales Quotation from Supplier and then delivering the services/product, then Invoicing, Collections, Reconciliation and then settling the accounts etc.