International Solutions

Innovative simple solutions for advancing business beyond borders


Whether you are a domestic Indian company contemplating to expand overseas or a foreign company aspiring to invest in India, you must know the laws and regulations that can influence your business strategies and plans. We, at Storch, have international alliances and have close ties with our foreign affiliates, who possess the technical expertise to help you in navigating through the complex maze of international laws & regulations worldwide, making us one of the best international consultants in India.

Our Service Offerings

1. Book Keeping

At Storch, we provide offshore bookkeeping services for businesses and CPA firms operating worldwide, including clients from USA, UK, Australia and Canada. We have the resources to work on the accounting platform of your choice. Over time our team has worked on different systems such as QuickBooks,  Xero, Zoho, and MYOB.

i) Recording Accounts Receivable Transactions:

Billing and invoicing kept compliant with company policies and local regulations simultaneously. This includes the creation of customer invoices, recording sales, tax & cess booking, better control on revenue leakages.

ii) Recording Accounts Payable Transactions:

Managing accounts payable means shorten payment cycles and improve expense control, Close supervision of expense approvals.The creation of supplier bills to recording purchases, payment of utility bills, vendor ageing

iii) Recording Bank Transactions:

The purpose of recording bank transactions is to be certain that the bank statements are reporting the correct amount of cash for any related accounts (since every transaction affects a minimum of two accounts).
The recording of a bank account, credit card, and PayPal transactions on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, and finally performing month-end bank, credit card and PayPal reconciliations. Determining the reasons for the difference in the amount:

2. Year-end Books closure

3. Manage Accounts & Reconciliation

Our skilled consultants act as your virtual accounting team, giving you the flexibility of not hiring additional full-time staff; thereby, reducing fixed monthly costs. Part of our offering is to allow you to scale your virtual accounting team when required.

 It is utmost important for any entity to record the business transactions so that profitability of business can be assessed after considering all the expense and revenue items.